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Banana Shout Resort is located in the western coastal area of Jamaica, on the coral cliffs of the western portion of Negril. It is only one-half mile from the historic Negril Lighthouse.

Under new ownership, it has just been renovated and transformed into a little Boutique resort and offers you the coolest way to discover Jamaica. The new resort is completely hand made by Jamaicans, from the buildings to the furniture, to let you feel the Jamaican culture.

TV is not available by choice: this gives you a real holiday, away from the chaos of the modern world. Our show is the nature that surrounds us.

Air conditioning is not available or needed because we are blessed with a natural sea breeze that enters in the cottages. In the winter season blankets are available.

The Resort is dedicated to Jamaican art and culture, and it shows on every cottage. Each cottage includes a selection of different style of island art by paintings and carvings.

We offer you the seclusion, privacy, and intimacy of our four unique cottages, perched on the 30 foot cliff's edge, offering spectacular seaside sunset viewing, with tiered sun decks built into and around a cave with a fresh water shower. Your own private snorkeling cove and teeming coral reef is two feet from our shore.

The access to the sea is easy and granted by 2 big ladders from our cliff side sunbathin area.

Your own well equipped romantic cottages are set in lush tropical foliage with secluded garden pathways. All cottages share our private ocean cove, have cool ceiling fans, island decor, relaxing hammocks, kitchenettes, daily housekeeping service, and security.

Nearby are various famous attractions. Rick's Cafe, a world-famous watering hole and cliff diving hangout, and other restaurants and bars are within walking distance, as well as a few small grocery stores.

Banana Shout Resort, a tropical paradise for a few lucky ones.

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Girl relaxing in hammock. Banana Shout Resort - Negril, Jamaica.
Comfortable cottages with creative designs. Banana Shout Resort - Negril, Jamaica.
Seaside view in the cliffs. Banana Shout Resort - Negril, Jamaica.

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